Kiwi Control Systems Ltd - What we offer

Kiwi Control Systems Ltd offers three primary services:
Electrical Installation

Electrical installation

When it comes to electrical installation, we are the team to turn. Kiwi Control Systems Ltd has a core base of qualified industrial electricians who can complete turn key projects from workshop manufacturing, right through to site installation and commissioning. The installation team are all approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. Our team can work on any sized project and provide a complete job to a high standard of workmanship.

Services we offer:

  • Electrical project management
  • Total dairy industry installations
  • Food & beverage industry installations
  • Mining industry work
  • Water treatment/waste care installations
  • Switchboard building, motor and control centres
  • Switchboard surveys
  • MCC, power factor and VSD cabinets (design & installation)
  • Central and remote PLC cabinets
  • Motor starters, variable speed drives, & soft starters
  • 11kV/400V mains power
  • 1kV/400V motor systems
  • Data cabling systems
  • Cable ducting systems
  • Hazardous area installations
  • Flexi I/O, PLC systems
  • Field bus, PLC systems
  • Devicenet PLC systems
  • Lightning & surge protection
  • UPS uninterruptible power supplies
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Fibre optic control 
  • Radio telemetry for remote control of plant
  • Thermal imaging (with colour report provided) 
  • Safety system integration  
  • Design and installation of machine guarding safety systems
  • Hazardous area installations  
  • Confined space operations
  • Lighting design and installation


Kiwi Control Systems Ltd has knowledge and experience in electrical engineering to provide a complete engineering solution to your project requirements. We have friendly approachable staff who provide clear information to the customer during project consultation. We are continually accessing new products that come on to the market, which gives you the solutions and systems that can best suit your needs.
Project engineering:
  • Project management
  • Project design
  • Equipment schedules
  • Control cabinet wiring schedules
  • CAD wiring schematics
  • CAD layout drawings 
  • Function description documentation
  • PLC hardware supply
  • PLC input/output wiring schedules
  • PLC software coding
  • Operator interface hardware supply
  • Operator interface software coding
electrical installation in Hamilton
A PLC cabinet


At Kiwi Control Systems Ltd, our second primary service is in manufacturing. Some of the products that we specialise in manufacturing include:
  • Modular stainless/mild steel MCC cabinets 
  • Modular stainless/mild steel PLC cabinets
  • Stainless/mild steel control cabinets
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